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November 1, 2019


Are you connected to the online hotel booking platform and want to increase your business?


While online hotel booking of cheap hotels has become inevitable and helps budget hotels fill their rooms. Affiliate marketing has made online hotel booking very easy and has drastically reduced direct booking. In this era of rapid technology, everything is expected to be done by android mobile which is in the palm of your hand. The amount of commissions is detrimental to the profitability of cheap hotels booking, which charge low prices throughout the year. The price to be paid is often substantial compared to competitor’s prices. Therefore, to preserve their margins, cheap hotels are interested in promoting themselves and their rooms online as much as possible. How to achieve it?


Today, 70% of online hotel booking are through OTA. Obviously, the website definitely increases live sales. Business partners play an active role in boosting online sales. A well-located budget hotel is not enough to attract customers. It is important to gain visibility against the competition of online travel websites.

Did you know?

20 to 25% of Internet users visit their Facebook page before finalizing a reservation of their Hotel. With these studies it is out of the question to have no presence on the Social Networks. With target audience and relevant content. The promotion of photos in the specific region of potential clients will increase the possibility of obtaining a online hotel booking. Experience the power of social networks.

How? Or what?

By promoting your budget accommodation through different promotion channels for cheap hotel deals. There are several affiliate marketing programs available to highlight your property in other communication channels. With the right digital tools, you can find customers to make your business profitable and fight the competition.

The first communication tool that should be implemented, if not yet done, is a hotel website. If you have one, make sure it is up to date and offers an impeccable user experience. If you don’t have one yet, it is urgent to put one in its place. Feel free to be accompanied by a professional web developer. Who will design for you a professional website for online hotel booking which will be capable of converting visitors into customers, such as

Have a good conversion rate. Your website must meet the four main criteria to be the best option for travellers for online hotel booking.

Things to Remember

  • First 22 seconds of navigation! In fact, according to some studies, it takes less than 30 seconds to seduce the visitor and make him your potential client. If you do, you will have a 75% chance of confirming your reservation online.
  • The most advantageous price. Budget travellers are always looking for cheap hotel deals. For example, if you compete with your competitor offering an excellent price to your customer. You definitely have an advantage over your competitor.
  • The location of your property is also an important factor. Travelers prefer to look for hotels near tourist attractions.
  • Quality photos and comments. Before booking a cheap hotel, the client always prefers to review the photos and look for the reviews and ratings granted by the clients. The positive rating left by customers leaves no doubt about the quality of their services. However, be careful not to send the customer to other places where you can book your room (showing your reservation note, etc.).


 Prefer to hire an expert to help you with the best design of your website for online hotel booking. Make it user friendly and attractive by putting quality images. Be sure to offer your visitors a simple and informative customer experience to the reservation stage. Your site must be “responsive” (adapt to mobile navigation) because 23% of reservations are made on tablets or smartphones. Your website should be as simple as possible to favour reservations.

Choose a powerful booking engine (like Agoda). And most importantly, make a direct integration with your PMS. This will simplify schedule management. With a dynamic and updated website (attractive design, quality photos and recent content with periodic updates). It will definitely increase your sales resulting in an increase in turnover


Communication through social networks is usually neglected by most hotels. Do not forget that it is an essential tool and has the potential to increase your business through online hotel booking. Only one in five independent hotel operators’ uses Social media to promote their properties. Serious steps must be taken to promote your business online. You should not leave your customers for pity of Booking or Expedia.

For a budget hotel, the most relevant social network is Facebook. You can explore other powerful social media platforms, such as Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter, if your customers are ready. As you can see, it is now essential to secure your own promotion on the web to shape your brand identity, maximize your online reservations and increase your billing.


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