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Central America and Caribbean

September 23, 2019 by Afzal

Hotels in Costa Rica

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Hotels in Central America

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Costa Rica

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Panama City

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El Salvador

Best Hotels in Costa Rica

For hotels in Costa Rica we offer all ranges of prices and comfort from the luxurious hotel to budget accommodation. Best Hotel Deals offered by iHotelsBooking is so attractive and economical that in some cases you just have to pay $5 per night stay.

The prices indicated on website correspond to the high season (or dry season, December-April). Many Budget Accommodations lower their rates during the rainy season (May-November). Keep in mind that rates varies from city to city in Costa Rica, so it is best to check the prices on iHotelsBooking. Our criteria is to compare the prices of our business partners and we provide you with the best results. We offer you competitive prices for packages and movers all across Costa Rica.  Between Christmas and New Year you will pay a high price. Prices are taxes included and are given in US dollars, a commonly used currency in hotels in Costa Rica. Credit cards are obviously accepted everywhere and usually changed at the current rate, without commission.

Paying by credit card may incur additional charges. Be attentive to the rates as they are often given per person, not for the room.

The term cabin, a catch-all word in the Costa Rican hotel industry, covers all kinds of housing of varying prices and comfort, from very rustic to very upscale.


The network of hotels in Costa Rica has grown significantly in recent years. Renting an apartment, usually consisting of a kitchen and several bedrooms can be a great option for families. The rental properties available on our website are reliable and present throughout the country apartments in a wide range of prices, sophistication and comfort.

Airbnb Costa Rica (

Escape Villas ( Upscale villas throughout Costa Rica, most near Manuel Antonio. Ideal for families and honeymooners looking for luxury.

Vacation Rentals By Owner (VRBO) ( Worldwide network of vacation rentals offered by individuals. Hundreds of addresses hotels in Costa Rica.


There are still a handful of youth hostels affiliated with Hostelling International (HI), but accommodation for budget travellers has continued to rise to the next category. Compared to other Central American destinations, Costa Rican youth hostels are quite expensive. On the other hand, the quality of service and accommodation itself is second to none. Plan to pay between $10 and $15 for a bed in dormitory.

B&Bs in Costa Rica

Almost unknown in Costa Rica before the explosion of ecotourism. Bed & Breakfast (B & B) has multiplied over the last twenty years throughout the country. Mainly because of the growing number of Europeans and North Americans who are interested in chap hotel deals. In principle, these B&Bs fall into the medium to higher categories of accommodation.

CAMPING in Costa Rica

Camping on the coast is illegal, but widely tolerated and practiced by many families during the holidays. Most major tourist destinations have at least one campsite. Otherwise, many budget hotels in Costa Rica, outside San Jose, accept campers in their garden. The grounds, sometimes overcrowded and noisy, are generally equipped with toilets with cold water and a basic kitchen (sink and barbecue area).

National parks campsites are usually of excellent quality, spotlessly clean and carefully maintained by staff. In principle, it is necessary to bring provisions and products of first necessity, and not to forget to collect debris.

Be careful with the flies. If possible, camp in a group and never leave anything in your tent. Do not camp on the bank of a river, floods are frequent and snakes too.

Mosquito nets and mosquito repellent should be carried all time.


It is best to visit the room and the bathroom before paying, especially in cheap Hotels. Rooms in the same hotels in Costa Rica may vary.

Cheap Hotel Deals

In the most visited regions, the prices of the hotels are competitive. In high season, prefer to book in advance. The less expensive hotels in Costa Rica usually offer common bathrooms, but in some of the less touristy cities, it is possible to obtain a room with attach bathroom for US $25.

The budget Accommodation in this category often have a fan and a bathroom with hot water. The water is, most of the time, heated by an electric showerhead. Be aware that this system only provides hot water if the pressure remains low.

Most of the cheap hotels for the budget traveller in Costa Rica also offer some middle-class, better equipped rooms (air-conditioning and TV). Access to Wi-Fi is intensifying in this category, especially I near the tourist attractions.

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More comfortable, the rooms have attached bathroom with hot water (gas heated), a fan or air conditioning, sometimes satellite or cable TV. The majority of cheap hotels in Costa Rica have Wi-Fi connection, sometimes limited to the reception area.

Majority of the Hotels in Costa Rica offers organized tours and many have a restaurant, bar, swimming pool or Jacuzzi. Several hotels in this category frequently provide a kitchenette or an equipped kitchen.

Budget Accommodation

This category includes eco-lodges, all-inclusive resorts, hotel chains and business hotels, as well as more intimate boutique hotels, some isolated jungle camps and upscale B&Bs. Costa Rica’s high-end hotels adhere to the same standards of quality in equipment and service as similar price Properties in Europe.

The staff in this category speaks English. Many of the accommodations have a hot tub, spa, terrace, satellite TV, air conditioning, babysitting and organized equipment’s.

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