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November 8, 2019
Best websites to find cheap hotel


These are the BEST WEBSITES TO FIND CHEAP HOTEL. I use all year. Whether to buy a plane ticket, book a hotel night, or equip myself with equipment to make sure I travel safe.

   Make good use of it!

To Buy a Plane Ticket:

  • iHotelsBooking: This is my favorite plane ticket search engine. I really like the Flight Deals that they offer. Furthermore they have outstanding deals throughout the year. It makes my trip more budgeted if I have flexible travel dates. Same goes for the business partners which makes it possible to search by dates and by price when one is open on the destination.
  • Airfare Watchdog: A marvelous search engine, which also shows all the dates of the month to find the cheapest fare and give us the ease to search among the low cost airlines.
  • Fare Makers: I bought a lot of airline tickets from this site. Very practical I find  multi-destination tickets or when I want to stop several days during a stopover.
  • Trip Advisor: I always compare the prices found with those I can get on Trip Advisor. I sometimes get a good surprise that saves a few euros.
  • Intui.Travel: A search engine for cheap airline tickets, which also offers all-inclusive trips and hotel reservations.
  • JetRadar: This is not a site to buy a plane ticket, but it is Google’s comparator. Once we understand how the interface works, it is very convenient to find  the airlines with the most interesting rates.
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Find a Budget Accommodation:

  • iHotelsBooking: This is one of the best websites to find cheap hotel. The website I use the most to find a cheap hotel. It is particularly interesting to find last-minute special offers because it is often available on iHotelsBooking. Most hoteliers boost up their low selling rooms on iHotelsBooking easily. You can also find apartments on iHotelsBooking.
  •  This is the best site to find a hostel or a cheap hotel. One can also find a bed in dormitory as a private room.
  • Hotellook: This is not a booking site for cheap hotels, but a search engine that compares the offers on various sites, like Booking, HomeAway, A kind of “Skyscanner” hosting provider. It is very convenient to compare the deals of Cheap Hotels or Apartments.
  • Agoda: It is the best cheap hotel booking website worldwide. It also works fantastic for Asia. It offers the best prices for most cheap hotels.
  • Airbnb: For a different experience of the hotel, try homestay accommodation with Airbnb. You can either rent a self-catering accommodation or a room in someone’s house, depending on the level of intimacy and independence you want and the meetings you want to do. With this link, you get a discount of 25 euros on your first use of Airbnb (valid only if you are not yet registered on the platform). Airbnb.
  • Abritel: The widest choice to find a rental apartment, house or cottage, whether in USA or anywhere around the world.


It is a website that allows, to be hosted free of charge at the inhabitant. So be careful “free” does not mean without counterparts. Couchsurfing is a community of travelers where meeting and exchange are essential values. You have to be willing to spend time with your host, and express your gratitude. Whether it’s cooking a meal, inviting him to have a drink or giving a gift. You must also be ready to sleep on a wobbly convertible sofa or on a mattress on the floor. It is a social network where it takes time to build a good profile on website. You do not have to register with hope that you can easily find free accommodation in London or New York. In the big cities, it is even difficult for premier members to find accommodation.

cheap hotel finding tips

Equip Yourself for Trip

You can buy everything on Amazon. Its not just for books or computers but it has all the equipment you need to travel with. Be it suitcases, backpacks or small travel gears.

Travel Health Insurance:

  • iHotelsBooking: This is one of the most popular insurance for long-term travelers and guess what? It’s also my insurer. I have not yet had to deal with their services, but their Cap Adventure program is one of the most comprehensive plan to cover overseas trips of more than three months. For trips less than 90 days it provides Cap Assistance 24/7 plus Live Chat. All information and quotes are available on their website.
  • IMGlobal: This insurer offers very customizable insurance. Whether for short trips (less than 8 weeks) or with the Routard program. The best thing is to compare the quotes online and make your choice based on the countries you cross. Your age, sports or any risky activity that you want to include in the contract.

To move without taking the plane:

  • Traveling by Bus: With the recent deregulation of bus travel. Bus companies have invaded the European market and offer a good alternative of the train journey. Which is sometimes overpriced, especially when it comes to last minute booking. I advise you to try Flixbus, the German leader or the historical operator-Eurolines.
  • Traveling by Train: To buy a train ticket in France or Europe. it’s usually dealt on There is also the an offer of low-cost TGV on Ouigo.
  • Rent a Car: I advise you to compare the various offers on Auto Europe, Rental Cars (with this link, you have 4% discount with the code rentalcars4) or Avis. Rent a Car
  • Carpooling: Difficult to find a better price than carpooling for travel. If you are looking for short distance, go to Blablacar. The site provide services throughout the Europe and also in Brazil, India along with Mexico. I have never had the opportunity to it try out for France, but I would love to do it!
  • Ferry: To go to the UK, Corsica or Maghreb, one can travel through boat. It is especially interesting if you want to transport your car. Furthermore if you prefer to travel without taking the plane. To compare various fluctuating ferry fares, you can do it on Direct Ferries.
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Meet With Locals

Couchsurfing: It’s not just a site to find accommodation but it’s also a community of travelers Globally. There are many discussion groups and events organized around the world. If you are in a big city, there is a good chance that there will be a weekly “couchsurfing meeting”. This meeting allows members of the community to have a get together to communicate effectively. Do not feel shy and go for a ride!. This could prove to be among the best websites to find cheap hotel.

Tinder: Beware, this is not a site but an application for mobile. It’s true that its not just for dating there is plenty more in it. It’s also very convenient to go out for drinking with someone one when you do not dare to go out alone in a bar. It’s also an easy way to get in touch with new people. I also use it to ask locals for tips or cool places, when I first arrive in the city.

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