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September 29, 2019 by Afzal

Travel Health Insurance

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iHotelsBooking provides you with the best combination of Hotel Booking, Travel Health Insurance and Flight Itinerary.

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Travel Health Insurance

Subscribe Travel Health Insurance at with one of its partners. It gives you access to optimal medical coverage and guarantees of assistance and insurance adapted to cope with any unforeseen whatever the type of your trip.

Holidays in your country or abroad do not forget to check our Cheap Hotels Deals before planning your trip.  Are you going on long-term travel around the world, business trips, study trips or just want to make your vacations memorable? We offer all kind of accommodations on top of this we even offer cheap flight deals. Get in a few clicks a tailor-made quote with a price adapted to your need. Visit us online and receive your travel insurance certificate immediately.

Some of the Benefits of our travel health insurance are:

  • Its acceptance worldwide.
  • You can choose our plan according to your travel plan.
  • Exclusive 24/7 Customer Support.

Essential features of travel insurance.

When traveling abroad, medical costs can be expensive or expensive depending on the destination, so it is important to take international travel health insurance. All our offers include indispensable blankets to face the unexpected:

  • Taking care of your medical expenses abroad
  • Organization and support of your repatriation in case of illness, accident or death
  • 24/7 access to our Medical Assistance platform
  • Reimbursement of your cancellation fees if you cannot travel anymore
  • Compensation for your luggage and personal effects in case of theft, loss or damage
  • Foreign Liability Coverage Abroad

Essential guarantees for traveling with peace of mind

To cope with the unexpected before or during your trip (cancellation, missed flight, health problem, loss of your luggage …). It is important to be able to count on experts, reachable 24/7. All our travel insurance offers have been designed to provide you with the insurance and assistance you need to deal with unexpected situations:

Travel Health Insurance cancellation.

Reimbursement of your cancellation fees if you cannot go on a trip due to an unforeseen event. This may include your illness, death of your close relative, some serious damage to your accommodation. We assures you get your full reimbursement.

In case of health problems in Hotels in Rome, we organize and pay for your medical repatriation in full by our medical team. Comprised of doctors, nurses and psychologists, this team remotely assesses your state of health and organizes your return home. Our assistance guarantees also include legal assistance abroad, assistance in case of death, the organization and support of your return if you have to shorten your trip following hospitalization or the death of a person. Member of your family or the assumption of expenses of research and / or relief.

Features of Travel Health Insurance.

Advance and cover your medical expenses and hospitalization expenses abroad. In many destinations (including Europe) medical costs can be very expensive. It is therefore essential to have appropriate health coverage.

If your luggage, belongings or personal effects are lost, stolen or damaged we will compensate you. In the event that your luggage is delivered late to your destination, we take care of the purchase of essential goods.

If you miss your flight to Thailand or any other due to an unforeseen event (transportation breakdown, abnormal road traffic, illness, accident …) on departure or return. We take charge of the purchase of a new plane ticket.

In case of delay of Flight to Peru or any other, train, we compensate you in order to allow you to wait more serenely.

In case of theft or accident of your rental vehicle with or without an identified third party, we will refund the amount of the deductible provided for in your rental agreement.

If you cause accidental damage to a third party during your trip, we cover the financial consequences of personal injury and / or property damage up to a limit.

Services of iHotelsBooking

In addition of Travel Health Insurance. iHotelsBooking provides flight and Cheap Hotel Deals. We offer every economical flights across the world. Do not forget to check our latest deals of Hotels in NYC.

The travel health insurance offered by social security is satisfactory if you are in France. However, outside French territory, this coverage is not enough. It is important to take it into consideration during your travels abroad to avoid ruining medical costs in some countries where the price of medicine is higher.

Coverage of Social Security while traveling in the European Union

During your travels within the European Union, you can benefit from a health cover thanks to the European Card of Health Insurance (CEAM). It offers you the same social coverage as the residents of your host country, so your medical expenses will be reimbursed according to local social security rates. What appears, at first glance, to be an attractive benefit may be disadvantageous, since in some countries the cost of medical care is very high, whereas reimbursement under the local system is low. Another disadvantage of CEAM is that it does not support repatriation.

To avoid disappointment on the spot, it is important to take out travel insurance, even for a short stay in the EU. In fact, such insurance can cover all your medical expenses as well as repatriation in case of serious illness or accident.

Social Security coverage while traveling the world

Outside of Europe, your travel health insurance fund still covers you, but only in case of urgent and unforeseen medical care. In practice, you have to pay the costs of care yourself, it is only when you return to France that you will have to send to your insurance company the invoices and the proof of payment for a refund request. . It is a medical advisor in your insurance fund who will appreciate the urgency of the care you have received and who will decide if your claim is admissible. In case of agreement, it will be at the rate in force in France, regardless of the amount you paid. If you are refused reimbursement, no appeal is possible.

In other words, relying only on social security while traveling abroad or catching a flight to Sydney is financially reckless and runs the risk of burdening your budget.

What to do to be well covered?

In order to travel safely and peacefully while on a flights to Johannesburg, the purchase of a private travel health insurance is necessary. It is advisable to opt for a contract which bears the costs of the first euro and which does not cover only emergencies. Ideally, your insurance should cover all medical expenses and hospitalization without forgetting assistance repatriation. offers you the Globe Partner contract which covers all these expenses and which, as a bonus, ensures your repatriation as well as your civil liability.

Travel health insurance is useful for all your trips to cover you properly.  Indeed, even a relatively insignificant problem such as a simple sprain can generate expenses that the social security abroad would not support. The deals section of our website covers the hotel deals for hotels in Costa Rica and very cheap flight to Dubai.